Post-Performance Recovery: Healthier Performance Practices for Stronger Performers

E-book and Audio Exercises by: Mairin Smit   

As performers, we all know there's a magical spark. It makes our toes tingle, our eyes light up and we grow a few inches taller. It's that rush we get right before we step on stage, when we're waiting for the referee to blow their whistle, or when a hush falls over the crowd as we step up to the microphone. It's that spark of energy that transforms us from our everyday selves into the performers we are. This is performance energy

But what happens to this energy when our performance is over? How do we release the energy of the art we've created? How do we return to ourselves? How do we prevent burn out?


Find yourself asking these questions as a performer? Then this E-Book is for you!

Post-Performance Recovery is a practical, hands-on guide of theory and exercises to help you ground your energy, cleanse your system and bring you back to yourself, post-rehearsal or post-performance.


The goal of this book is to empower you with the element of choice. It’s about knowing that you can choose how performing impacts your life. It’s your choice what aspects of your performance come with you offstage, and which ones stay there until you are ready to come back to them again. It’s feeling confident that when you feel overwhelmed by a performance experience or riled up by your performance energy, that you have the tools to ground that energy and let go any of it that is not useful to you.

Most importantly, it’s to help you realize that you do not have to choose between performing and your personal well-being. It is possible to be energized and engaged when performing, and grounded and balanced in real life. All it requires is bringing some balance to your performance practice, giving the same space for recovery that we do to preparation.

In the E-Book you'll discover:

  • The theory of performance energy and why we experience energetic overwhelm post-performance.
  • Written and audio exercises on grounding, breath and energetic release.
  • First-hand accounts of performers who have struggles with performance energy.
  • Sample exercise sequences for different occasions, ie. post-rehearsal/practice, post-show, post-competition, post-project.

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