Looking for some resources to help you cool down after a performance or competition?

Searching for some exercises to help you process and release the energy of performing?

Wanting to understand more about the process of performing and how it effects you physically, energetically and emotionally? 


I’ve got you covered!


Five Winds Blog

On my blog I explore a wide range of thoughts and ideas on performing and wellness, and offer tips and exercises on how to stay balanced and healthy while living the life of a performer.

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Staying Resilient


Articles & Podcasts

Here’s a collection of recent articles I’ve written on post-performance recovery and boundary setting before and after performing. Also, find recent interviews or videos I’ve been featured in!

Leaving Troubling Characters on the Stage
Intermission Magazine – #2 in the Top 10 articles in Intermission Magazine of 2017

Onstage Zen: How Meditation Changed My Fear of Public Speaking
Elephant Journal

Mairin Smit: How to Perform Your Best and Live the Creative Life You Want
Cue to Cue: The Performers Podcast


Spotlights & Insights

Spotlights & Insights is my monthly wrap-up of the best resources I’ve come across on performing and wellness, featured on my blog. 

It’s full of all the great articles, podcasts, and videos I’ve found throughout the month, and a few words of my own on my biggest insight of the month.

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December 2017 – reflections on gratitude, and an meditation exercise for the new year
November 2017 – insights on cultivating creativity, and failure as the pathway to success
October 2017 – thoughts on resilience, support and creating and professional personal boundaries
September 2017 – reflections on speaking truth and the responsibility of your platform as a performer