Wow! It’s been about two months since the launch of this blog and website, and a lot has been happening at Five Winds! Between writing blog posts, I’ve been working hard at moving forward a bunch of other projects. Busy (but also fun) times!

So in light of this, I thought it would be a good idea to update you on what I’ve been up to. So check it out below! There’s even some things for you to participate in too. 🙂

  1. Workshop: Earth, Water, Sun – Restorative Yoga for Spring

First off, I’m excited to announce that I will be offering a restorative yoga workshop at Gerrard Art Space in May. Come relax with me in this beautiful gallery and community space. If you haven’t had the chance to practice while surrounded by a collection of stunning visual art, I highly recommend it! There’s a maximum of 10 participants, so if you’re interested, sign up early!

Sunday, May 7, 2017
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Gerrard Art Space,
1475 Gerrard St. E, Toronto ON
To register: 416-778-0923 or, or drop in to Gerrard Art Space. 

Chill out with this relaxing and gentle yoga practice for spring!

Restorative yoga is a floor-based practice where we rest in poses with the support of props, such as blocks, blankets and bolsters. Woven throughout the class will be hands-on massage and guided meditations focused on the elements of spring: earth, water and sun. Participants will leave feeling refreshed and renewed, and with an idea of how to practice these poses at home. Come join us as we reset for spring!

All levels welcome! No experience necessary. Props will be provided, but please bring your own mat.

  1. Post-Performance Recovery E-Book – Update

It’s been a crazy journey writing this e-book! When I first began this project about a year ago, I imagined it as a simple PDF of exercises that I would publish online after a few months.

But with the help of my amazing editor, Avery Peters (you can check her work out here) and the voices and feedback of several talented artists, this little project has grown into a fully-fledged book. It’s a complete hands-on guide containing performance theory, first-hand stories from artists, testimonials, post-performance recovery exercises, and insights into my own artistic practice and how I developed this work. It’s more than I could have imagined! 🙂

Right now, Avery and I are in the final stages of editing the manuscript. Once I get my final changes to Avery, she’ll do a copy edit and we’ll send off it a designer (woohoo!) to create graphics, layout and cover art. Exciting!

Then, the next step is recording the audio exercises that will accompany the book, which readers will be able to download and take with them to rehearsals, workshops or performances. So I’ll be spending some time in the studio (or makeshift studio…) over the next few months.

All this to say, while I can’t give you the exact release date yet, the finished e-book and audio exercises are coming your way soon! I’ll keep you updated on my progress here and maybe even give a sneak peak of some of the content. 😉

  1. Five Winds Design

Who doesn’t like a fresh look for spring? 🙂

I’ve been working with the very talented Elise Epp, graphic designer (you can find her work here), on a logo and branding for the website. It’s been such an interesting process to see my responses to a questionnaire Elise sent me evolve into a complete visual design. I am so excited by the final logo we’ve chosen.

You’ll see the roll out of that and a new, official Five Winds colour very soon!

I also spent yesterday in the studio and on location with the inspiring and creative Jessica Rose, photographer extraordinaire (see her portfolio here). While building the Five Winds website a few months ago, I realized that the only photos I had of myself were either at least 10 years old or all shot on an iPhone (not knocking Apple!). So after months of back and forth waiting for a sunny day to shoot outside, yesterday we finally got our chance. Jess was great to work with; she made me laugh the whole time and we had so much fun. While I haven’t seen the proofs yet, you’ll be seeing these new photos up on the website soon too!

***BONUS: While the details of these projects are still developing, keep your eye out here for an article on post-performance recovery coming your way in the next month or so, and here for info on a workshop on meditation for performers I’ll be presenting this summer. 🙂

So that’s the roundup of what I’ve been working on lately! It’s been amazing over the past 2 months to have people visit this site and share their interest in these ideas. I appreciate everyone who’s taken the time to read my posts and share their thoughts. I truly see the heart of my work as creating and supporting a dialogue about artist health and wellness, and that dialogue needs you to also be a part of it. Thank-you for being a part of Five Winds!

With gratitude,


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