Spotlights & Insights, Vol. 1 – September, 2017

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My September “Aha!” – Truth: It’s who you are.

“Telling the truth is not just what you say, it’s how you show up.
It’s being the truth.”

– India.Arie

I posted this quote on Facebook a few days ago, and I think it sums up pretty well what I’ve been thinking about this month. I’ve been inspired lately by so many artists and athletes, both in the US and elsewhere, who have been using their platforms to stand up to injustice.

I have always felt that the platforms we have as performers; our stages, our fields, our online profiles, are both a privilege and a responsibility. It’s important that we honour and respect that privilege by ensuring that we speak truth (in whatever form) from these platforms.

But India.Arie takes this one step farther, asking us to embody the truth – to be the truth.

For us performers, this means staying connected with who we are at our core – outside of any “role” or persona we take on while performing.

This means ensuring we’re physically, mentally and emotionally prepared before we step into the “spotlight” – setting boundaries around ourselves and between us and our audiences. It also means we take time to cool down after being in the spotlight – taking the time to reconnect with ourselves, and our truth.

That connection to ourselves is what ensures we stay on the right track with our performance careers. It allows us to show up with integrity and authenticity – which is what our audiences will connect with.

And this is ultimately what all my work at Five Winds is about – helping you, the performer, protect and connect with yourself.

So that you can go out there and not just speak the truth, but be it.

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Read, Watch or Listen

Who’s a Performer? – You are!
In case you missed it, here’s all your answers on my work as a Performance & Wellness coach, who I work with and what we do together.

Meditation: Coming Home to Being, Tara Brach
A great short meditation from one of my personal favourite meditation teachers. Here, Tara guides us to explore the state of our hearts, asking the question: “How is my heart right now?”. An insight that is the essential first step to identifying the self-care we need as performers.

Hillary Clinton and America Ferrara on Pain and Progress (and Hiking)
I posted this one on Facebook earlier this month, but it was too good not to include here. Two elite performers – one of the political arena and one of stage & screen – discuss the challenges of constantly being judged from the outside and what inspires them to keep going, through it all.



A Little Bit More…

The Ways We Inherit Historical Trauma
This is a fascinating read for everyone, but particularly performers dealing with roles, circumstances or stories from past generations in their work. This also reflects the idea of “vicarious trauma” I talked about in my article in Intermission Magazine earlier this year.

Susan Sarandon Doesn’t Care About Losing Gigs Because of Her Activism
So technically this is from August, but I couldn’t resist. An awesome lady using her platform to step up and speak out.

As Trump Takes on Athletes, Watch Them Rise
Another great one I posted on Facebook earlier this month. Saluting athletes using their performance platforms for integrity, justice and reflection.

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