Do you hear that? It’s the New Year approaching!

While this monthly wrap-up post is usually filled with new ideas, updates and helpful links, I thought this month called for something different.

As the dust settles on another holiday season, and we prepare to turn the calendar page to a new year in just a few days, it’s important to find some space to appreciate all you have and all the year has brought you.

For some of us, the year may have been one of progress and growth, of discovering new opportunities or connecting with new people. But mixed in with all that, there were likely moments of sadness and struggle, where unexpected events brought challenges to your life that perhaps you’re still working through.

It’s easy at this time of year, on the threshold of the New Year, to get stuck on those challenging memories. This is often what happens to us when we’re feeling drained and low on energy – usually the case after the busy holiday season.

So it’s especially important right now to make some space for quiet and reflection. To find time to appreciate yourself and all that you’ve been through this year, including all the people and things that have helped you get to where you are now.

To practice gratitude.

Because gratitude is a truly powerful force for good.

It has the ability to totally shift our perspective.

It allows us to see struggles as opportunities for growth.

It allows us to see abundance where we once saw lack.

And it shows us that we are loved – that the universe is rooting for our success.

It opens our hearts to love.

That’s a great place to start the New Year!

Grounded in gratitude, motivated by love.

To help you do that, I’ve created a guided gratitude meditation for you here. Its roots are in the loving-kindness tradition, with my own special twist for this time of year.

So grab your mug of tea, set a cushion on the floor, sit yourself down and join me for a few minutes of grateful reflection.

Let’s step into the New Year together with our hearts full of gratitude!

So grateful for all that you are, and for sharing this space with me!

Much love,



P.S. I’ll be back in January with my regular version of Spotlights & Insights – full of all the updates, links and resources you love!

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