Perform. Release. Repeat.
Developing Your Own Post-Performance Recovery Practice 

E-book and Audio Exercises by Mairin Smit

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“In training to be performers, we learn so many techniques and exercises that prepare us for performance... 

What we’re rarely taught is a method to do the reverse, to help us transition out of performing and back into our everyday lives; in essence, a way to come back to ourselves.”

As performers, we all know there's a magical spark.

It makes our toes tingle, our eyes light up and our bodies grow a few inches taller. It's that rush we get right before we step on stage, when we're waiting for the referee to blow their whistle, or when a hush falls over the crowd as we step up to the microphone.
It's that spark of energy that transforms us from our everyday selves into performers.  


But what happens when our performance is over?

How do we release the energy we've created? 

How do we return to ourselves? 

How do we prevent burn out?


Perform. Release. Repeat.

Developing Your Own Post-Performance Recovery Practice

E-book and Audio Exercises

by Mairin Smit


“The goal of this book is to empower you with the element of choice... 

Most importantly, it’s to help you realize that you do not have to choose between performing and your personal wellbeing. It’s possible to be energized, engaged, grounded and centered both when you’re performing and when you’re not.

All you need to do is bring some balance to your performance practice, giving the same space for recovery that you do to preparation.”

Take a look inside...

    • Eighty-six pages of theory and insights about the energetic transformation that happens when you perform, how it impacts you and how to find balance and create boundaries between your performing life and everyday life.


    • Stories from performers on their own struggles with the intensity of performing and examples from my life as a performer and coach on how developing a post-performance recovery practice can help you perform with more balance, strength and ease.


    • Practical, repeatable exercises to help you release your performance energy and come back to yourself post-performance with step-by-step instructions, photos and audio recordings for you to listen to as you practice.


    • Exercise sequences to help you link together the exercises to use in different experiences in your performing life - starting a new project, dealing with a moment of overwhelm, finishing a project or goal etc. 

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