Looking for a change in direction?

Feeling burnt out?

Wanting to reignite your passion?

Performance Precision Coaching is about reinvigorating yourself, reestablishing your focus, and reconnecting with the spark that drives you to do the work you do. 

Together, we'll identify physical, mental and emotional blocks that are making you feel stuck, uninspired or moving in the "wrong" direction in your work. Then, using physical and meditative practices, we'll develop a personalized practice to help you work through those blocks and reconnect to your motivation and creative source, allowing you to move forward with your work from an authentic and energized place.

Performance Precision Coaching includes:
(in-person or online)

  • an initial physical and energetic analysis to identify areas of physical, mental and emotional tension or blocks.
  • guided yoga based movement exercises to help you release tension and blocked energy.
  • guided meditation practices to help you reflect on yourself, on your work and how you want it to grow.
  • an individualized practice, including a written summary of the physical exercises and recordings of the meditations, for you to continue to explore between sessions.
  • Email or text support between sessions, so you can check in, ask questions and stay accountable as you move forward with your practice.

Ready to get started?


" After an 18 month period where both my personal and professional lives were badly shaken, I was out of whack and I needed help. In Mairin, I found a receptive, kind, and truly helpful guide. Her exercises were tailored to my individual needs, and they have really aided me in re-aligning my inner order. I have found the effects of the work to be lasting, and because Mairin sent me pose guides and guided meditations, I know I can return to the exercises whenever I need to on my own. Mairin listened closely to me and encouraged me to articulate what was changing and shifting from my perspective as we worked.

I whole-heartedly recommend Mairin's approach to anyone going through a loss, a crisis, or anyone feeling "off their game". I can't stress enough how helpful I have found Mairin's work. Through it, I've been able to release some old baggage, tap into my creative centre, and start work on approaching my life from a more centred, joyful, and grounded place." 

- Kate Werneburg
Actor, Playwright