Ready to get out there?

Looking for confidence?

Searching for a sense of calm?

Performance Preparation Coaching is about connecting in with yourself, establishing your personal sense of grounding, and building the confidence and strength to step out there to do your work. 

Together, we'll work to release physical tension and blocks to find your optimal physical alignment to help you feel more centered, flexible and open in your body. Then we'll identify any emotions or experiences that are limiting your confidence, and explore meditative practices to work through these challenges, so that you're ready to perform with greater strength, positivity and ease. 

Performance Preparation Coaching includes:
(in-person or online)

  • an initial physical analysis to identify areas of physical tension or restriction.
  • guided yoga based movement exercises to help you establish your optimal alignment, gain strength, and feel more grounded in your body.
  • guided meditation practices to help you release old or limiting thought patterns, build confidence, and establish personal boundaries for when you perform.
  • an individualized "performance prep" practice, including a written summary of the physical exercises and recordings of the meditations, for you to use before you perform - whether it's for a show, a competition, a speech or a presentation.
  • Email or text support between sessions, so you can check in, ask questions and stay accountable as you move forward with this work.

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"I feel like something that I have been struggling with for years is finally seeing some incremental improvement. As if, I've finally found the thing that could help me move the wall that I've been struggling to get past for a long time. I'm so glad that I actually decided to try this out...Also, thank you for the loving and supportive environment you've created while we explore together."

- Janice Yang

"Through Mairin's work, James (14 year old AAA hockey goaltender) has been able to better focus his attention and energy towards the goals he wants to achieve. Mairin has created a very supportive, friendly, non-judgmental environment for James, where he is free to explore his physical and mental capabilities in different ways.

The physical part of Mairin's approach has helped James with his core strength and his flexibility, which is very important for a young athlete. The mental aspect of Mairin's work definitely has helped James better channel his energy, positive or negative. The spotlight shines bright on a goaltender, and Mairin is helping James remain focused and confident, through successes and failures alike.

Having Mairin in James' corner has been nothing but positive! We are very happy with James progress!"

- Matthew Norton & Caroline Bouffard
James' Parents