Feeling overwhelmed?

Struggling with intensity?

Searching for balance?

Post-Performance Recovery Coaching is about helping you process the stress and intensity of performing, re-establishing your personal equilibrium, and creating boundaries around your work as a performer and your personal life. 

Together, we'll identify areas of physical or energetic tension in your body as a result of performing and work to release them through yoga based movement exercises. Then, we'll use meditation and energy based practices to help you process and release any emotional tension you are holding onto from performing, and work to re-establish your personal boundaries.

Post-Performance Recovery Coaching includes:
(in-person or online)

  • an initial physical and energetic analysis to identify areas of physical, mental or emotional tension or stress.
  • guided yoga based movement exercises to help you release any physical or energetic blocks you've developed from performing.
  • guided meditation and energy based practices to help you re-ground your energy, release any challenging experiences from performing, and reconnect with your personal energetic boundaries. 
  • an individualized "post-performance recovery" practice, including a written summary of the physical exercises and recordings of the meditations, for you to use after you perform - whether it's from a show, a competition, a speech or a presentation.
  • Email or text support between sessions, so you can check in, ask questions and stay accountable as you move forward with this work.

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"As a writer, I believe Mairin's approach is very useful in disengaging from characters, when the time comes. For me, watching and helping characters evolve is a very personal experience, and I become attached to them, as do readers and audience members - but likely in a deeper way, because of all the time spent with them. Letting go is crucial towards moving fully and successfully into new work. Her approach lets this happen in a thoughtful, gentle way."

- Laura Tulk
Playwright, Teacher